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NAS Rotherham Branch

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NAS Membership

You may wish to become a member of the National Autistic Society, its Rotherham Branch, or both.


Joining the NAS does not automatically make you a member of the Rotherham Branch, even if you live in the area. Our branch does not receive information about NAS members who live locally. However, NAS members may nominate the Rotherham Branch as their local branch. We will then get part of your membership fee, so you will directly be contributing to our branch and people in our area. To become a member of the NAS, visit To nominate the Branch, please contact the NAS Supporter Care team on 0808 800 1050, or by emailing [email protected].


To join the Rotherham Branch, email us at [email protected], fill in the contact form on this website, or visit the 'Branch Membership' page.