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Autism Alert Card

** Please note that the Autism Alert Card is currently under review and we are not issuing any new cards at the moment. A new version of the card is due to become available in 2019. If you would like to be informed when the new card comes out, please contact the branch. Holders of existing cards can continue to use them. **

The Autism Alert Card is a small card that can be carried in a wallet. It identifies the user as being on the autistic spectrum, it lists a brief summary of autistic difficulties, and it shows the names and phone numbers of two people - relatives, friends, or support workers - who can be contacted to help.


The purpose of the card is to help the bearer to communicate when in difficult situations - for instance, when coming acrosss interaction with the police, emergency services, in shops, or any other social encounter that autistic people may find difficult and that can give rise to miscommunications. The bearer has a choice to show the card in these situations.


The Autism Alert Card scheme is run in conjunction with South Yorkshire Police, and is supported nationally by the NAS.



UPDATE: As of May 2019, our discussions with South Yorkshire Police are ongoing and the scheme is moving forward. We expect to have further updates soon. News of developments will be posted on this page, and those who have expressed an interest in the card will be contacted separately too.